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reduce + reuse + rewear + recycle = relove

Relove label was founded in 2020 by two sisters in law. We were sick and tired of poorly designed women’s basics made by big dirty fashion labels. It wasn’t only the fact our clothes fell apart after only a few washes, we also realised that the fashion industry was a “dirty bastard” with poor environmental and social standards. So, we decided that we could do better by creating women’s basics that are basically better made, consciously created, and designed to last.

We are committed to making an impact, raising awareness of the environmental impact of clothes production as much as encouraging women to follow their dreams and empowering them to become their best selves.

With the hope to grow with your help, and many dreams for the future, relove aspires to become a space full of “beautiful things” selected with care from us for you.

All our products are ethically made in Slovenia.



Katja & Naja